HTI Precision Manufacturing

Precision Metrology

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HTI's environmentally controlled Precision Measurement and Inspection Lab is capable of validating complex geometry, size, location and finish requirements to sub 40 min. (1 micrometer) pmm_smallaccuracy.


Technical Certifications

  • ASQ certified: Quality Engineers, Quality Technicians, & Mechanical Inspectors
  • ASME certified:  GD&T professionals
  • Able to obtain other certifications or meet industry standards where required


Lab Environmental Specifications

  • Cleanliness:  Class 1,000
  • Temperature:  68°F +/- .25°F
  • Humidity:  30%-50% RH
  • Room Pressurization:  0.05 in. WC max.
  • Lighting: 100 FC


Lab Equipment Capabilities

  • CMM programming from solid model
  • Comprehensive Chemical and Materials test facilities including SEM
  • NIST traceable artifacts for calibration and interim checks


Lab Equipment Specifications

Equipment Accuracy

Zeiss UPMC Carat

Ultra Coordinate Measuring Machine

(Scanning CMM)

16 + L/1000 min

(0.4+ L/1000 mm)

per MPE volumetric

Leitz 866 and 654 CMM

(Enhanced Accuracy)

31.5 + L/400 min

(0.8+ L/400 mm)

per VDI/VDE volumetric

Zeiss (tsk) RondCom Roundness/Runout

4 min (0.1 mm)

Zeiss (tsk) SurfCom Profilometer

0.6 min (0.015 mm)

Heidenhain Certo Plunger Gage

4 min (0.1 mm)

Mitutoyo laser micrometer

12 min (0.3 mm)