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Introducing Gemini SMA OIS

SMArt OIS Design to Enable the Thinnest Smartphone Cameras

In the race for better camera performance and thinner smartphones, having the thinnest camera is essential to industry leading smartphone designs. Gemini, our latest “Smart Metal” optical image stabilization (OIS) actuator, reduces OIS actuator thickness by 70% over previous SMA products to enable the world’s slimmest OIS smartphone camera designs. The unique properties of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA), or “Smart Metal”, enable a high performance, rugged, small, yet simple actuator design. The elegant design cuts the component count in half from the previous SMA products and is designed to leverage our existing TSA+ flexure process capability and assembly capacity to reduce investment and enable fast customer ramps. The Gemini design, in combination with our automated processes, quality control systems, and high volume precision manufacturing capabilities position us well to support large smartphone programs.

Gemini SMA OIS

General Specifications:

Image Sensor Format 1/3"
Lens Size M6.5
XY Dimensions 9.5mm x 9.5mm
Functional Thickness 0.3mm
Sample Availability
August 2015

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