HTI Precision Manufacturing

Component Manufacturing Process Technologies

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HTI's broad portfolio of process technologies gives us the experience to recommend the best solution to meet your product's technical & business requirements.  HTI's mulitple component operations groups work seamlessly together.  For complex products requiring multiple process operations, HTI is able to deliver the best combination of product cost & performance.

Stamping & Forming

  • State of the art, rigorously maintained equipment
  • Contamination controlled manufacturing and inspection
  • Progressive stamping dies for piece part or coil processing of various metal alloys from 0.1-1mm thick
  • Finished critical feature tolerances to +/- 0.008 mm at min 1.5 Cpk
  • Precision forming / toolmaking capabilities enable us to make precise thin metal forms
  • Stamping / forming dies are developed and maintained by our world class toolrooms

Photochemical Machining (Etching)

  • In house Laser Direct Imaging for small orders
  • In house phototool generation for high volume runs
  • Typical material is stainless steel (SST) and copper (Cu)
  • Other materials are possible - contact us for more info
  • Sheet based processing with material thicknesses from 0.015-4 mm
  • Multiple material laminates can also be processed, including SST/Polyimide/Cu or SST/Polyimide
  • Through feature tolerance +/- 0.01 mm
  • Partial etch thicknesses range from +/- 0.004-0.006 mm
  • High volume Cu circuit layer etching with 1 mil line space (12 um Cu)

Polymer Patterning

  • High volume plasma etching capability
  • Wet chemistry etching for specific applications
  • Polyimide, glass, and most polymeric organic materials
  • In house phototool generation, exposing areas up to 508 mm x 762 mm
  • Registration to optical targets within +/- 0.002 mm
  • 0.1 mm min feature size, 0.12 mm min space
  • Total etch variation +/- 0.05 mm


  • Electroplating: Cu, Ni, Au
  • Electroless: Ni
  • Pattern plating with photoresist
  • Vacuum deposited seed layers for plating on non-conductive substrates
  • Typical thickness: 0.1um to 20 um
  • Variation control: +/- 10-50% of target thickness
  • Product size: 1 mm - 600 mm
  • Solder and gold bondability quality controls
  • Proven process for plating Au directly on SST with good adhesion

Product Finishing

  • Electrochemical metal finishing
  • Chemical metal finishing produces burr free stampings without affecting flatness specs
  • Laser polishing of small surfaces fills voids and reduces surface roughness of coined surfaces ( picture right)
  • Photoimageable polyimide covercoat application
  • Solder screen printing
  • Plasma cleaning
  • Optimized ultrasonic aquaeous cleaning for maximum cleanliness without damaging delicate components