HTI Precision Manufacturing

Component / Assembly Precision Micro Manufacturing

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Hutchinson Technology has over 45 years of precision manufacturing expertise serving the medical, defense/aerospace, computer, and microelectronic industries.  HTI's extensive process portfolio, manufacturing expertise, and talented engineering staff enable development and fabrication of leading edge micro electrical/mechanical components and assemblies.  Comprehensive manufacturing, scheduling, and quality systems ensure world class quality of prototypes through large scale manufacturing.  Manufacturing is supported by product and process development, measurement, and test labs along with precision tool design and manufacturing facilities.  Our core philosophy of "getting to the fundamentals" drives us to fully understand the science behind problems and to develop effective and permanent solutions.  We work collaboratively with customers in reducing the form factor of mechanical or electrical components / assemblies while maximizing product performance, reducing time to market, and lowering total cost. You can trust HTI as your micromanfuacturing partner for:

  • Assembly manufacturing
  • Component manufacturing
  • Lab Services (Analytical / Product Development)
  • Tool Design and Manufacturing
suspension on penny

Value-added Technologies

  • Photochemical machining
  • Plating, laminating and coating
  • Precision stamping and thin metal forming
  • Polymer patterning and finishing
  • Circuit fabrication
  • Micro component assembly
assembly automation

Supported with Leading-edge Capabilities

  • Tool design and manufacturing
  • Product design including mechanical, electrical, and thermal modeling
  • Measurement, test, and material science labs
  • Product and process development labs
  • Automation, controls, and vision system development
  • World-wide supply chain management
  • World Class Quality (ISO 9001)
progressive stamping die

 Application / Product Examples

  • Electrical spring contacts 
  • High density interconnects
  • Leading edge MCPCB
  • Medical blades and device components
  • Intricate medical micro-assemblies
  • Precision screens (stencils and filtration)

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